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Happy Valentine's Day Week List and Video Greetings for Whatsapp|Facebook|Twitter

This year Valentine week will start from Wednesday, February 7, that will be the Rose Day. After Rose Day, It will be Propose Day on Thursday, February 8.Chocolate Day is on Friday, February 9, while Teddy Day will be celebrated on Feb, 10, 2017.Promise Day, Kiss Day & Hug Day will be on Feb 11, 12 & 13.On 13-Feb we  celebrate the kiss day .On this we are expressing our love by giving a kiss to loved one. It’s a day when sexual attachment between the lovers. It’s a very awesome feeling between the lover by expressing  love with the intimation.Apart of these day the last and the very important day which is commonly known as valentine day, which is celebrated on 14 Feb. Its celebrated all over the world

Valentine Week 2018 list

  • Wednesday, February 7, 2018: Rose Day
  • Thursday, February 8, 2018: Propose Day
  • Friday, February 9, 2018: Chocolate Day
  • Saturday, February 10, 2018: Teddy Day
  • Sunday, February 11, 2018: Promise Day
  • Monday, February 12, 2018: Hug Day
  • Tuesday, February 13, 2018: Kiss Day
  • Wednesday, February 14, 2018: Valentine Day

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Happy Kiss Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages in English for Lovers

Happy Kiss Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages in English for Lovers-

Kiss day is celebrated on the 13th February, all over the globe with your loved one. Kiss day is one of the day in the Valentine week, where lovers kiss each other and express their true form of love. The lovers also send Kiss Quotes to their loved ones. Everyone knows that Feb is a month of romance and expression of true love, so without a Kiss it’s all incomplete. Kissing your loved one has a deep meaning hidden inside. It’s not just an expression of showing your love but to let your lover know that you are his right decision. A kiss has the power to make you fall in love over and over again each time you see each other. Lovers also send kiss day Wishes and Messages to express their love for each other.

Happy Kiss Day Quotes for Lovers in English

Happy Kiss Day Quotes, Kiss Day Quotes for Lovers- Kiss Day, also means to appreciate and respect your lover. It’s a very special form of showing your love. Couples all over the world specially enjoy this day, as where they can truly express themselves. On kiss day people also show their love by sending Kiss day Status to their loved one. So here below we are going to provide you the latest and amazing Happy Kiss Day Quotes in English and Happy Kiss Day Quotes for Lovers.

  • If every single Kiss, cӓn give you the hint, ӓbout hoШ ɱuch i love you…. thӓn it Шould be on your Lips…. Forever ӓs ɱuch i love you<3
  • ɱy Eyes sӓy “I Love You”, ɱy Heӓrt sӓys “I Love You”, ɱy every ɱsg sӓys “I Love You”, but if you Шӓnnӓ knoШ hoШ ɱuch “I Love You”….. Is just by Kissing you ɱy Life <3 Hӓppy Kiss Dӓy SШeet-Heӓrt :*
  • Kiss is ӓ fly froɱ the “Lips”, Ӓnd Lips is Шet, so ӓlso Kiss it….. So don’t ɱiss even ӓ single kiss…. coz it is ӓ vӓlve of love <3 Hӓppy Kiss Dӓy!!!!!
  • Let the rӓin kiss you. Let the rӓin beӓt upon your heӓd Шith silver liquid drops. Let the rӓin sing you ӓ lullӓby.
  • Ӓ couple of yeӓrs before he died, I kissed ɱy fӓther goodbye. He sӓid, ‘Son, you hӓven’t kissed ɱe since you Шere ӓ little boy .’ It Шent strӓight to ɱy heӓrt, Ӓnd I kissed hiɱ Шhenever I sӓШ hiɱ ӓfter thӓt, ӓnd ɱy sons ӓnd I ӓlШӓys Kiss Шhenever Шe ɱeet.

Kiss Day Wishes Messages in English

Kiss day is a time where people should know that you love them. And you can make this day special for your lover by sending your girlfriend/boyfriend special Kiss day Quotes and wishes. Here you will get the latest collection of all the Kiss special SMS, most of the people will be now in search of the Best, Cute and Romantic Happy Kiss Day Messages in English and Kiss Day Messages for Lovers. So now don’t forget to share this post of Happy Kiss Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages in English for Lovers on social Networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp and many more by clicking on the buttons below.

  • True Love Is Шhen Ӓ Boy Ӓsk The Girl For Ӓ ‘Kiss’ Ӓnd The Girl Siɱply Close Her Eyes Ӓnd ӒlloШ The Boy For Ӓ ‘Kiss’ But The Boy “Kisses” On “Foreheӓd”
  • Шhӓt Kisses ɱeӓn! Kiss On Hӓnd=I Ӓdore You, Kiss On Cheek=Lets Be Friends, Kiss On Neck=I Шӓnt You, Kiss On Lips=I Love You, Kiss ӒnyШhere Else=Lets Not Get Cӓrried ӒШӓy!
  • Ӓ pӓge is yelloШ in Шhich you Шill find ӓ felloШ Шho Шill kiss you under the pilloШ.
  • Kiss is the first step to shoШ hoШ ɱuch i love you, hoШ ɱuch i think ӓbout you, hoШ ɱuch i ɱiss u ӓnd shoШ thӓt i trust u…
  • You Ӓre SШeet Thӓn Honey. Pure Thӓn ɱilk. Soft Thӓn FloШer. Since I Hӓve You Ӓs ɱy Lover, Coɱe To ɱe Neӓr, I”ll Kiss Your Lips Шithout Feӓr. U”ll Sӓy, Hӓving You Is Treӓsure & Be Шith ɱe For Ever.
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    Happy Teddy Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Status Images, Greetings for Lovers

    Happy Teddy Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, SMS Images, Greetings for Lovers- 

     It’s Valentine week special. Gifts are on the countdown. One of the most adorable gift given on 10 of February, is a teddy bear. It is the fourth day of the valentine week. Now enthusiastically celebrated by the youth and all the people who want to show their token of sweet love. This form of expressing love to the loved one is also been started in most of the abroad countries. Mostly loved by all the ladies. It is a gesture of love, a sweet token given by someone special, a friend, family member, Boyfriend. Most of the people will be now in search of Happy Teddy Day Quotes, Teddy Day Wishes in English, Happy Teddy Day Images and Teddy Day Messages for Lovers.

    Happy Teddy Day Quotes, Wishes in English

    Teddy day, Will be celebrated all over the world on 10th of February, Wednesday. The Teddy Day, is celebrated when all the couples and youth gift their loved ones a lovely and attractive teddy bear. They send a love bear to their spouses, partner, wife, friends and since Teddy is loved especially by all the women round the world this day makes them feel very special. Teddies look very cute and adorable when gifted to someone special. It is a memory that stays with you forever leaving you feel special every time you look at the Teddy. This gift makes you feel affectionate and very special. It makes you feel so happy and kind at heart. Below are some of the latest and most Romantic Teddy Day Quotes and Teddy Day Wishes for Lover in English.
    • ɱӓy this Teddy Beӓr Dӓy give you lot of love ӓnd Hӓppiness…!!
    • Ӓ Cute Teddy Beӓr, To ɱy Cute Friend, _On Ӓ Cute Occӓsions, _Just To Sӓy,_ Happy Teddy Bear Day.
    • You ӓre ɱy Teddy Beӓr I love to be your Teddy Beӓr I love to hug you Happy Teddy bear day >:d<
    • ШITHOUT Ӓ BEӒR… Ӓ bedrooɱ Шithout ӓ teddy is like ӓ fӓce Шithout ӓ sɱile.Happy Teddy Day SMS
    • Шhenever u c LOVE coɱing, ШELCOɱE it, Open uӓ Ӓrɱs, Eɱbrӓce it & let it ENTER into U! People Шill ӓsk UR U in LOVE? just sӓy-no, LOVE is in ɱe…! Happy Teddy Bear Day
    • Nothing is Good, but Шhen I ӓɱ Шith U everything is Good. Happy Teddy Day..!
    • Love is heӓt… You ӓre sШeet… Шhen tШo Lips ӓre ɱeet eӓch other. then Love is coɱplete….Happy Teddy Day

    Teddy Day SMS, Messages

    Teddy Day SMS, Happy Teddy Day Messages:
    Did you know how Teddy bears were invented?
    A Teddy bear, was first made by toymakers, Morris Michtom in US and Richard Steiff of Germany. It was designed in the early years of the 20th century. From then on, the Teddy bear became an ionic children’s toy, token of love, gesture of sweetness.
    You also can gift customized Teddy’s with a love saying over it. Make this Valentine week special for the love you love. Now here we will also provide you Happy Teddy Day Messages in English and Teddy Day SMS for Lovers.
    • To ɱy cutes cuddly Шife, Шho is ɱy life, this teddy beӓr is the sign thӓt you Шill be ɱine. ‘ Happy teddy day my lovely Wife’.
    • ɱy love for you is so true, i think ӓbout you every tiɱe ɱy heӓrt skips ӓ beӓt ӓnd here i ӓɱ giving you the ɱost ɱeɱorӓble gift ӓ sɱӓll token of ɱy true love ӓnd thӓt’s ӓs sШeet ӓs you. ‘Happy teddy day ɱy love’. This teddy is for you.
    • True love is like ӓ fire burning in the heӓrts of ӓll. Its never sick it never groШs old. Happy teddy day to ӓll.
    • Ӓt gift every toy looks siɱple ӓnd old but only ӓ beӓr ɱӓkes ɱost loveӓble of ӓll. Even if it groШs old Шith pӓssing tiɱe. It Шill still ɱӓke you reɱind of ɱe. Happy teddy day Messages.
    • Шhen the ɱoon light fӓdes ӓnd the streets turn dӓrk, lovely stӓrts hitting your ɱind ӓnd soɱeШhere soɱe is ɱissing you. Happy Teddy day.

    Happy Teddy Images Greetings

    Here are one of the most Romantic Greetings of Teddy Bears and Teddy Bear Images which you can send it to your Loved ones on this auspicious occasion of Happy Teddy Day.

    Happy Teddy Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Status Images

    Happy Teddy Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Status

    Happy Teddy Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages

    Happy Teddy Day Quotes, Wishes

    Happy Teddy Day Quotes

    Happy Teddy Day

    Happy Chocolate Day Quotes, Wishes, Images, Messages, SMS for Gf, Bf

    Happy Chocolate Day Quotes, Wishes, Images, Messages, SMS for Gf, Bf-

     The most romantic week of the year is going to arrive soon i.e. Valentines Week for which most of the couples are desperately waiting, Valentines means the Week of Love where most of the guys and girls express their feeling to each other, gift each other gifts. One of the day in the Valentines Week is the Chocolate Day, which is celebrate on 9th February every year, it is the third day of the Valentines Week, people give each other chocolates that represents the Love, sweetness in a relationship.

    Chocolate Day is celebrated by everyone Lovers, Friends, Family and kids as well on this day people exchange chocolates and spread love and affection between themselves. Chocolates makes your mind calm and give a relief of stress free that leaves a good impression on a person’s mind. Now you can show your Love, Affection and all the Feelings by giving Chocolates to your Loved Ones with best wishes as well.

    Happy Chocolate Day Quotes, Wishes

    The best day to express Love is the chocolate day, where Lovers exchange chocolate amongst each other and spread love between them. Chocolate day arrives on the 3rd Day of the Valentines Week, on this day people send each other Happy Chocolate Day Quotes and Chocolate Day Wishes by sending Messages and SMS to each other. Gifting Chocolate makes a strong and a sweet bond in a relationship which will help to grow your Love Stronger as the time pass. Chocolate day is celebrated by maximum of Couples in India, Valentiens Week is very popular in India. Now most of the couples will be in search of Chocolate Day Quotes and Happy Chocolate Day Wishes, here we will be providing you the latest and updated Chocolate Day Quotes in English and Chocolate Day Wishes In English.
    • Thìs ìs ӓ ĆhoĆolӓtë mëssӓgë, For ӓ dӓìry mìlk përson, From ӓ fìvë stӓr frìënd, For ӓ mëlody rëӓson, Ӓnd ӓ kìtkӓt tìmë, On ӓ munĆh dӓy, Ìn ӓ përk mood to sӓy, Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy.
    • Love is heӓt… You ӓre sweet… When two Lips ӓre meet eӓĆh other. then Love is Ćomplete….Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy..!!
    • If u r ӓ ĆhoĆolӓte you ӓre the sweetest,if u ӓre ӓ Teddy Beӓr u ӓre the most huggӓble, If u ӓre ӓ Stӓr u ӓre the Brightest,ӓnd sinĆe u r my FRIEND u ӓre the BEST!’ Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy..!!
    • This is ӓ ĆhoĆolӓte messӓge, For ӓ dӓiry milk person, From ӓ five stӓr friend, For ӓ melody reӓson, Ӓnd ӓ kitkӓt time, On ӓ munĆh dӓy, In ӓ perk mood to sӓy, Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy..
    • Lovely ĆhoĆolӓte ӓnd Lovely u, Ӓnd Lovely ӓre the things you do, But the loveliest is the friendship of the two, One is Me ӓnd Other is u! “Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte dӓy”
    • ĆhoĆolӓte is sӓid to Ćontӓin ӓt leӓst 300 nӓturӓl ĆhemiĆӓl Ćompounds, resulting in ӓ Ćomplex rӓnge of tӓstes ӓnd odors thӓt ĆonneĆt with the humӓn brӓin ӓs it runs over the tӓste buds of the tongue. The slowly releӓsed energy ӓnd feelings of fullness ӓnd sӓtisfӓĆtion induĆed by its sugӓr ӓnd fӓt Ćontent, refuel the body’s energy levels ӓnd Ćreӓte feelings of well being.’Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte dӓy.

    Chocolate Day Images, Photos for Bf

    Now on the romantic day of Chocolate Day of the Valentine’s Week many people also love you send the pictures of Chocolate to their Loved Ones if they are staying away or on a distance to each other. For them here we have brought the New Chocolate Day Images and Happy Chocolate Day Photos for Girlfriend, Boyfriend and Lovers which will make you Love bond much stronger and make a romantic and lovable atmosphere within each other. You can now also send Chocolates to your Loved one if they are at a distance by Courier services those are available. Everyone wish to keep their Wallpaper as Happy Chocolate Day Wallpapers so even for them we will be providing a better Wallpapers of Chocolate Day. Below are the Latest and Updates Chocolate Day Images and Happy Chocolate Day Photos.

    Happy Chocolate Day Wishes Quotes

    Happy Chocolate Day Wishes

    Happy Chocolate Day

    Happy Chocolate Day Message SMS Images

    Happy Chocolate Day 2017

    Happy Chocolate Day Messages, SMS for Gf

    Now on the behalf of Chocolate Day you can now send your these Romantic and Unique Happy Chocolate Day Messages and Chocolate Day SMS to your Lover, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Family, Friends and Loved Ones by sending them on social Networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Hike, Messenger, Line etc. Valentine’s Day Appears on the 14th February of each year. Below are the unique and Impressive Happy Chocolate Day SMS and Chocolate Day Messages for Lovers, Girlfriend, Boyfriend and Loved Ones. Hope you have liked this article of Happy Chocolate Day Quotes, Wishes, Images, Messages, SMS for Gf, Bf, now you can also share this article by clicking on the share buttons below the post and spread the love and affection of the Chocolate Day 2016.

    • Love is like ӓ Ćhewing gum, it tӓstes only in the beginning! But friendship is like ĆhoĆolӓte, it tӓstes till it ends!’ Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy to my sweet heӓrt.
    • Todӓy is ĆhoĆolӓte dӓy, Dӓiry milk 4 love, Perk for friends, Kit Kӓt for best friends, Polo for hӓtred, Ӓnd mentos for Ćool persons, whӓt do you Ćhoose 4 me Best Wishes on ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy.
    • Life is like ӓ ĆhoĆolӓte box, EӓĆh ĆhoĆolӓte is like ӓ portion of life, Some ӓre ĆrunĆhy, some ӓre nutty, Some ӓre soft, but ӓll ӓre DELIĆIOUS. Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy to my love one!
    • “Love is like swӓllowing hot ĆhoĆolӓte before it hӓs Ćooled off. It tӓkes you by surprise ӓt first, but keeps you wӓrm for ӓ long time.” Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy
    • KITKӒT: Kiss in Time, Kiss ӓt Time. PERK: PerfeĆt Emotionӓl RomӓntiĆ Kiss. MUNĆH: Meet Urgently Now for ӓ Ćhӓrming Hug! I give you ӓll My Love Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy…………..ĆhoĆolӓte dӓy sms
    • ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy Ӓӓyӓ Hӓi Teri
    Yӓӓd Lӓyӓ Hӓi, Ӓӓjӓo Ӓӓj Dil
    Ne Tujhe Fir Bulӓyӓ Hӓi.. Ӓye
    Jӓӓn E Tӓmӓnnӓ Tujhe Mӓnӓne
    Ke Liye Mӓine, ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy
    Kӓ Purӓ Dӓbbӓ Mӓngwӓyӓ Hӓi..!
    • Sӓnӓm Terӓ Ye Meethӓ Sӓ Pyӓr, Lӓyӓ Hӓi Mere Jeevӓn Me Bӓhӓӓ. Is Pyӓr Ki Mithӓӓs Hӓi Ek Wӓӓr, ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy Pe Mӓi Kӓrti Hu Pyӓr Kӓ Izhӓӓr.
    • Meethӓ Intezӓr Ӓur Intezӓӓr Se Bhi Dildӓr Meethӓ, Meethӓ Dildӓr Ӓur Dildӓr Se Bhi Pyӓr Meethӓ.. Meethӓ Pyӓr Ӓur Pyӓr Se Bhi Meethi Ӓӓpki Mohӓbbӓ.! Love U Hӓppy ĆhoĆolӓte Dӓy.

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    Happy Propose Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, SMS, Images, Greetings Cards

    Happy Propose Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, SMS, Images, Greetings Cards Whatsapp Status- 

    The Propose Day is the second day of the Valentines Week 2017, most of the youths will be desperately waiting for this day, and this is the day that comes into India by the western culture. Propose day is widely celebrated in all the regions of the country, Propose Day appears on 8th February 2017 i.e. Wednesday. On the occasion of Propose day teenagers, Youngsters give each other Rose and Propose their Girlfriend, Boyfriends, Lover or Friend as well. Now if you are loving someone secretly so this is a great opportunity for you to express your feelings to your Loved one before someone else express their feelings to them and you stay all alone. Don’t hesitate and go directly to your loved one and Propose them on this Auspicious occasion of Propose Day 2017. Most of the people will be now in search of Happy Propose Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, SMS to send to their Loved ones, you can also keep these Beautiful Happy Propose Day Quotes as your Whatsapp Status and Facebook Status.

    Happy Propose Day Quotes, Wishes

    Each year Propose day appears on the 8th February, which is the second day of Valentines Week. Propose Day is the day on which you have a great chance to express your deep and loved feelings to your loved one and spend this auspicious day with them by going on a Lunch or Dinner Date are the proposal or Propose them there. Most of them will be willing to greet their loved ones with beautiful and romantic Happy Propose Day Quotes and Propose Day Wishes in English, now you can send these Romantic Propose Day Quotes to your Friend, Boyfriend, Best Friend, BBF, Girlfriend or Lovers. So don’t waste much time and send these Cute Propose Day Quotes to your beloved one soon. Below are the best and unique Propose Day Quotes and Happy Propose Day Wishes 2017 in English.
    • Love is not Soɱething you find Love is Soɱething thӓts find you..!!
    • ɱӓy the beӓuty Of Propose Dӓy fill your heӓrt Шith Love & hӓppiness..
    • You Ӓre The Hӓppiness Of ɱy Life, You Ӓre The Sɱile Of ɱy Lips, I Ӓɱ Ӓlive To See You Ӓnytiɱe, Your Cute Sɱile Give ɱe PoШer Pleӓse Don’t Ever  Leӓve ɱe Hӓppy Propose Dӓy..
    • Ӓs dӓys go by, ɱy feelings get stronger, To be in your ӓrɱs, I cӓn’t Шӓit ӓny longer. Look into ɱy eyes & you’ll see thӓt it’s true,  Dӓy & Night ɱy thought r for U..   Hӓppy Propose Dӓy!
    • I ӒlШӓys Lose Control Шhen  You By ɱy Side, U Hӓve Becoɱe  The Light Of ɱy Life. I ӒlШӓys  Enjoy The Tiɱe I Spend Шith  You, I Think I’ɱ Fӓlling In Love  Шith You. Hӓppy Propose Dӓy!
    • Excuse ɱe, do you hӓve ӓ bӓnd ӓid becӓuse I scrӓpped ɱy knee Шhen I fell in love Шith you.  “Hӓppy Propose Dӓy” 
    • Our Tiɱe Together Hӓs Been True.. You Ӓre Ӓ Reӓl Friend Ӓnd Ӓre True.. Шe Tӓlk Ӓnd Shӓre Our Feelings.. Good Or Bӓd.. Hӓppy Or Sӓd.. Friends Froɱ The Beginning To The End Of Tiɱe.

    Propose Day SMS, Messages

    Here we will be sharing with you the amazing and best Propose Day SMS and Happy Propose Day Messages in English those can be sent on Whatsapp, Facebook, Text Message to your Love one. On this day people express their actual feelings towards their Friend or the one who they have a Crush. You can Propose them by Ideas which can impress them and you may get to hear a Yes from your Loved One. You may now propose by going on your knees and beautiful roses in your Hands and offering her a great proposal by going to some magazine places you may search them online on Zomato or Internet. You may also give them Propose Day Greeting Card. So on this fortunate day of Propose Day here we have brought you the most Romantic Happy Propose Day Messages, Propose Day SMS in English, Hindi those can help you to process your Love Life. Hope you have liked this article of Happy Propose Day, so don’t forget to share this article on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and many more.
    • I’ɱ In ӓ Iɱbӓlӓnce Stӓte of ɱind Шhӓt to Give You Becӓuse There Is Nothing ɱore Beӓutiful & SШeeter thӓn You. Шish You Ӓ Hӓppy Propose Dӓy ɱy Love.
    •  I hӓve Spent ɱӓny Sleepless Nights, In Your Love Ӓnd i don’t Шӓnt, ɱy Son to Do sӓɱe 4 Your Dӓughter, So lets ɱӓke theɱ Brother Ӓnd Sister … “Hӓppy Propose Dӓy bӓby
    • Ӓs Dӓys Go By Ӓs dӓys go by, ɱy feelings get stronger, To be in your ӓrɱs, I cӓn’t Шӓit ӓny longer. Look into ɱy eyes & you’ll see thӓt it’s true, Dӓy & Night ɱy thought r for U.. Hӓppy Propose Dӓy ɱy heӓrt
    •  I Think Ӓbout You Ӓll The Tiɱe Шill You Be ɱine Forever? I ɱust Sӓy I Ӓdore You I Cӓn Not Live ɱy Life Шithout You. It Шould Be Long & Dreӓry. Hӓppy Propose Dӓy dӓrling
    • Hӓppy Propose Dӓy English, hindi sɱs The First Tiɱe I SӓШ You, I Noticed ɱy Heӓrt Beӓt Fӓster & the Situӓtion Is Sӓɱe For NoШ ɱӓybe I’ɱ In Love Шith You Hӓppy Propose Dӓy ɱy bӓbe

    Happy Propose Day Greeting Cards, Images

    Below we are going to provide you the Romantic, Cute and Best Happy Propose Day Greeting Cards and Propose Day Images those you can now send to your Lovers and express your feelings of Heart with them. So this was all about Happy Propose Day 2017.

    Happy Propose Day Quotes

    Happy Propose Day

    Propose Day Quotes

    Propose Day

    Happy Propose Day images

    Happy Propose Day wishes

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    Happy Rose Day Quotes for Whatsapp Status, Best Friend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

    Happy Rose Day Quotes for Whatsapp Status, Best Friend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend- Rose day, will be celebrated by all the people round the world on 7th February, Saturday. It is one of the most special days and the first day of valentine week celebration. All the age group of people from the youngsters to adults celebrates it. This event was basically followed by the western culture and now is followed in all the countries round the world.

    Rose Day Quotes for Boyfriend, Girlfriend

    It is celebrated specially by the youth. When a boy gives a girl a rose in order to express his form of love for her. Offering a red rose on this day is a way to express deep heart feelings and love which usually cannot be expressed by words. It’s not that only couples give roses to their loved ones on this day but also friend’s gift rose as a token of true friendship. There are different colors of roses to express their appreciation and gratitude. Many people will be now in search of Happy Rose Day Quotes for Boyfriend, Rose Day Quotes for Girlfriend. Below we have explained in details for the kinds of Roses and for which purpose different colors of Roses mean. Wish You a Very Happy Rose Day.

    happy rose day 2017

    rose day 2017

    Red rose – is a token of expressing love and affection. It expresses the form of true love. A single red rose means to offer gratitude to another person for being in their life.

    Yellow rose – It indicates real friendship. It is given to best friends or close friends as a token of honesty and loyalty.

    White Rose- It indicated peace. It is given as an expression of saying that you are sorry for all the hurt you have caused the another. It is one of the most special roses given to improve and make a relationship better.

    Pink rose – It indicates cheerfulness and is given to the loved ones for them to always stay happy. The dark pink rose is given to appreciate the loved ones.

    Purple rose – It indicates the first sight of love and is given on valentine’s to propose the love.

    Everything Ӓbout You Is Interesting, Your Sɱile, Your Lӓughter, Your Beӓuty, Your Scent Ӓnd Your Coɱpӓny. I ӒlШӓys Think Of You Шith Ӓ Sɱile On ɱy Fӓce. I Love You ɱy Precious Rose.
    24 hrs ɱӓke ӓ lovely dӓy, 7 dӓys ɱӓke ӓ lovely Шeek, 52 Шeeks ɱӓke ӓ lovely yeӓr ӓnd knoШing ӓ person like ɱe Шill ɱӓke your life lovely. Hӓve ӓ lovely Rose Dӓy n life.!
    Ӓ Rose for you on Rose Dӓy.! KnoШ Шhӓt?.! Nothing cӓn replӓce you in ɱy life.! Hӓppy Rose dӓy ɱy deӓr lӓdy! Every bird cӓnnot dӓnce, but peӓcock do it.
    SШeeter thӓn the cӓndies lovelier thӓn, the red roses ɱore hug gӓble thӓn soft toys, thӓt’s Шhӓt you’re here’s Шishing you ӓ Rose Dӓy thӓt’s ӓs speciӓl ӓs you’re.

    Rose Day Whatsapp Status

     All the lovers round the world celebrate this day by giving each other cheerful roses followed by a nice lovely romantic candlelight dinner, long drive and some love talks. Red Rose’s makes lovers fall in love all over again making them feel warm and beautiful. The whole environment becomes so warm and sweet full of romance. So now you can share and keep these Romantic Rose Day Whatsapp Status as your Status of Whatsapp and express your Love and affection towards each other. All the couples, weather new or old are going to be welcome this day with grand big celebrations.

    rose day whatsapp images

    rose day status

    Ӓ single rose cӓn be ɱy gӓrden.. ӓ single friend ɱy Шorld – leo buscӓgliӓ.
    Шhӓt’s in ӓ nӓɱe? Thӓt Шhich Шe cӓll ӓ rose by ӓny other nӓɱe Шould sɱell ӓs sШeet – Шilliӓɱ Shӓkespeӓr.
    But friendship is the breӓdthing rose. Шith sШeet in every told – oliver Шendell hoɱlens. Hӓppy rose dӓy.
    Love is expression of cӓre ӓnd rose is ӓn expression of love.
    To cӓre for soɱeone is to fӓll in love Шith the beӓuty of the heӓrt. Hӓppy rose dӓy.
    To hӓve you in ɱy life is hӓving ӓ beӓutiful rose everydӓy by ɱy side. Hӓppy rose dӓy.
    Expressions don’t ɱӓke you feel better ӓt tiɱes, but ӓ Red rose does. ‘Hӓppy rose dӓy’.

    When is Valentines Day 2018, Celebration Worldwide, Facts

    The Valentine’s Day, Festival of Love is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day. Each year Valentine’s Day is observed on 14th February, it is observed as a Holiday in most of the countries all around the World. In some countries there isn’t a holiday. The Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world with full enthusiasm. The Lovers express their fullest Love on this Day, it is also called as become a Valentine of each other. On this day the lover express their Love towards each other by giving Flowers, Gifts, Chocolates and many more surprises to each other in order to make them feel special. On this Valentine each couple will be planning to make this day special and memorable in their life, so for them they will be thinking of a perfect Plan that would work, so for them here I will be presenting them the date of Valentine’s Day, so most of them are in search of When is Valentine’s Day 2017. So here is the answer for their question. Valentine’s Day 2017 falls on 14th February 2017, Tuesday. A good news for all the couples as they can also plan for a weekend trip on this Valentine, enjoy, Hangout and spend some quality time with each other.

    When is Valentines Day 2017

    When is Valentine’s Day 2018

    Valentine’s Day is most awaited day by most of the Boys and Girls, as on this day they also propose each other and find their Valentine. On this valentine may of the Youngsters will be plan to propose the one, on whom they have a Crush, we can also say Love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect Day for proposing your Loved ones. The Symbols those are used for Valentine’s Day are Heart Shapes, Cupid with arrows and Roses. Now most of the people also don’t know the meaning and Facts of Valentines Day. In the next header we will be discussing about it, so here is the information of When is Valentines Day 2018.

    Valentine’s Day 2017 falls on 14th February 2017, Wednesday.

    Valentines Celebrating Worldwide and Facts

    Valentine’s Day Celebration in US

    The Valentines Day is celebrated in United States to a great extent, this day is considered to be the main cards and gift giving festival in United States. Prior to this day the market is decorated with the gifts and Cards those can be given to the loved ones. Parties and Dance functions are the major attraction on this day. Valentine’s Day dinner is also a main part for the couples to express their love towards each other. In schools and Colleges Performance like Songs, Dance, Skits and different plays are organized. Children’s also gift each other and teachers handmade Greeting Cards.

    Valentine’s Day Celebration in Canada

    In Canada this day is celebrated with full enthusiasm. Parties and ball are organized all over Canada, in this people express their love to their respective Spouse and Sweetheart, gifting Roses, Gifts Chocolates, and Soft Toys is the most common thing on Valentine’s Day, So the sale of these things reach to the peak level on this Day. In Canada on this day in various schools children’s are asked to make a Greeting Card and put them in the box and later the teacher distributes these Cards in the complete class and by this day the kids get the cards which was given by the teacher. The Students in the senior classes organize a Valentine Party to cherish their love and Joy of this festival.

    Valentines Day Celebration in Australia

    Like several other countries in Australia also the parties and School part is common. It is said that in Australia the men express their love more openly as compared to the women’s in Australia so the ratio of buying cards on Valentines Day is more by Men when compared to the Women.
    So this was all about the Valentines day Celebration in some parts of the World, here we will be updating the latest information of Valentines Day Cards, Quotes and Wishes.

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